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The Best E-Liquid for a smoke-free environment

Many people wonder whether e-liquids are actually safe and do not harm health and the environment. We all know about the hazards of smoking tobacco cigarettes and the smoke of this even harm the people who do not smoke cigarettes but have to inhale the smoke. Some of the questions relating to e-liquids that come across our minds include:
•    What are e-liquids made up of?
•    Are they safe?
•    Are there any side effects of inhaling e-liquids?

This article deals with everything related to e-liquids and tells you why it is time that you switch to e-cigarettes.

E- Liquid as we all know is the liquid contained in e-cigarettes and hence the “e” has been added to it. Some of the other terms used to signify e-liquids are e-juice and smoke juice.

What does e-liquid consist of?

E-Liquids contain nicotine and may or may not contain flavoring agents. Both of these are dissolved in hygroscopic components and this is what converts the liquid into vapor to give the feel of ‘smoking cigarettes’. The most common hygroscopic component used in propylene glycol though other liquids are also used like vegetable glycerin and polyethylene glycol. For those allergic to PG, of a PG free e liquid range

How safe are these liquids?

All the three liquids that have been mentioned above are commonly used as food additives in various pharmaceutical industries. Propylene glycol is commonly used in asthma inhalers and nebulizers and this has been in used since the 1950s. This has water retaining properties and hence, it is also utilized in atomized medications. Propylene glycol is considered to be ‘safe’ in all the countries of the world. The other liquids used in e-liquids are also safe and these are normally used for the fact that they can hold nicotine and the flavoring agents. These liquids work as the carrying agent of nicotine to the users as at the end, this is what the users crave for. But you will also come across e-liquids that do not contain a trace of nicotine and these are also used by numerous people all across the world. Hence, e-liquid is considered to be safe and healthy when compared to the smoke given out by traditional cigarettes and moreover, there is no odor involved and the flavored ones actually smell nice.
e liquid sample

Many people prefer flavored e-liquids and some of the common flavors that are available are vanilla, cigar and coffee and you will also get the exotic ones like strawberry e liquid, watermelon and mango. There are flavors that mimic specific cigarettes brands as well. It is upto the user what flavor he or she prefers. One can even choose the amount of nicotine he or she wants to inhale. A full selection of UK e liquids can be found at trueVAPE as mentioned above.


As mentioned above, there are different concentrations of nicotine available and users can choose accordingly. There is nothing called ‘standard’ nicotine content as far as e-cigarettes are concerned and there are “low doses”, “mid-range”, “high doses” and even “extra high doses” that are normally available in the market. The higher the content of nicotine is, the stronger would it hit the throat of the user.

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